LZ Lending – The Next Evolution of Crypto Lending

Safe, secure, and innovative institutional and P2P crypto currency lending solutions for the next generation of financial pioneers

Founded in 2020 out of the United Kingdom, LZ Lending provides direct lending and loaning opportunities for individuals and organizations working with a wide assortment of cryptocurrency. A pioneer in blockchain technology, crypto asset diversification, and decentralized crypto lending designed to put the power of financial freedom into the hands of our users, LZ Lending offers the highest interest rates on deposits anywhere on the Internet.

LZ lending offers Instant loan in cryptocurrency & also you get higher interest rate at deposits
lend cryptocurrency & get up to 15% high rates of interest

High Rates

Up to 15% Interest

we provide bank grade security in withdraw & deposit of cryptocurrency


Bank Grade Security

lz lending is available 24/7 hrs for customer support of lend and borrow cryptocurrency


24/7 Customer Support

we are endowing wide range of investment like borrowing, lending of cryptocurrency for individuals & organizations

What We Do

LZ Lending, at its core, is a firm believer and advocate for digital, decentralized, and integrated direct lending platforms. We believe that today and in the future, crypto currency and block chain technology will create a multitude of financial opportunities and freedoms that the current antiquated system simply cannot compete with – and the sooner the general public begins to embrace this powerful and liberating construct, the faster the true financial revolution can begin.

As an innovative crypto lending platform, LZ Lending offers a wide variety of investment, borrowing, and lending options for individuals and organizations looking to improve their financial standing. LZ Lending offers two distinct services for our clients – institutional lending with our team of crypto currency professionals, or direct peer to peer lending.

Lending and Borrowing with LZ Lending

By working directly with the LZ Lending team for loaning and borrowing money, our customers are able to lock in a fixed interest rate – reducing risk and promoting slow, steady, and moderate growth. An ideal opportunity for those who are just beginning in block chain and crypto currency lending, or for those who are more content with modest financial growth.

Lz lending offer an opportunity for newcomer those who are just getting started lending and borrowing in cryptocurrency
We also provide direct peer to peer lending for investors, businesses

Lending and Borrowing Peer to Peer

For those who want the most flexibility and the greatest potential for their investment, LZ Lending serves as the ideal platform for peer to peer lending. By connecting directly with other investors, businesses, or individuals, LZ Lending clients are able to negotiate terms, rates, and returns that are specific to their own goals, needs, and dreams. By creating custom terms on our lending platform, LZ Lending is able to offer our clients tremendous flexibility and an opportunity for growth that is only limited by their own imagination.

More than the Future of Finance

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is not just the future of finance – it is the pathway to financial security, freedom, and independence today. At LZ Lending, we are committed to supporting our clients in their crypto lending and borrowing goals. By providing the secure and easy to use platform that enables opportunity, LZ Lending is connecting savvy investors with innovative thinkers, and creating a more robust, independent, and secure financial future to come.

We always ready to provide support to our clients in crypto lending and borrowing


Main goal of Lz lending is to keep your cryptoassets with security

All crypto assets are stored in offline, cold, multi-signature wallets

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To earn interest on crypto or stablecoins, you can choose between two paths: For lenders, LZ Lending is an opportunity to earn interest on their coins. There are two alternatives for making money: lending platforms and interest accounts.

With the lending platform, a lender can offer a loan on his terms. With an interest account that works as a bank deposit, you receive a fixed rate with no hassle. All loans on the platform are secured by over-collateralization to ensure full and timely repayments.

For borrowers, LZ Lending provides an opportunity to unlock the value of crypto while holding. Instead of selling assets and losing on unfavourable rates and taxation, users can get money fast using their assets as collateral. Crypto-backed loans can also work as leverage for several trading tactics.

LZ Lending crypto lending platform operates around the globe with a bit of restriction according to native government regulations.

The LZ Lending platform operates worldwide with small restrictions due to the native govt regulations. Hacking attempts, bots, and DDoS attacks are filtered out meticulously thanks to Web Application Firewall and DDoS Protection. To keep the platform and customer funds safe, we utilise the strictest security standards because the financial organisation does.

To block security infringements, we have a vulnerability rewards program (VRP) or a bug bounty program, regular vulnerability scans, account takeover protection system, and two-factor authentication that protects your account.

To earn interest on crypto or stablecoins, you can choose between two paths:

  • The lending platform allows you to find an appropriate loan request or create your offer with a custom interest rate, loan term, and amount.
  • An interest account helps you earn a fixed rate on your asset just for parking your money on the platform.

The best thing about being a lender is that they are never affected by the volatility of the crypto market, and the credit goes to an automatic liquidation system.

The crypto lending platform sells out part of the borrower's collateral to pay the dues on time in case of non-repayment. And if the value of collateral descends considerably, then the system automatically sells out entire collateral to pay the lender the principal and interest.

Our main motive is to secure our client's hard-earned crypto assets. LZ Lending keeps all crypto assets in a multi-signature, offline wallet, which is a separate device that never comes in contact with the internet. To ensure the maximum level of security and safety, we use multi-person and multi-signature techniques. This means money movement is only possible when all individuals are there. Without your consent, not even a single penny can move.

Borrowers face risks such as indemnity loss in case of non-repayment of loan or if there is a considerable fall in the value of crypto. To forbid this type of scenario, borrowers are recommended to get loans with low loan-to-value (LTV) and pay the loan payments on time and also check loan info on a regular basis. Borrowers are also affected because of higher interest rates and loan limits.

The variation in Loan-to-Value (LTV) shows the health of the borrower's loan collateral. It plays a great role in notifying borrowers about the health of their loans. Loan-to-value increases when the price of the crypto asset falls. Once LTV reaches 80%, the borrower gets an email alert to stop the liquidation of the collateral. The borrower can repay a part of the loan earlier or can add more collateral in terms to forestall the liquidation.

When the borrower does not take any action on 80% alert, LTV reaches to ~90% threshold; collateral liquidates automatically.