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How to enable 2FA

For your security, we strongly recommend enabling 2FA on your account. After that, you will need to enter a one-time 6-digit code each time you are logging into your account, withdrawing funds, or changing the password.

In order to activate 2FA please click on My Account label, located in the upper right corner of LZ Lending dashboard. First, you need to install an app that generates the codes (Google Authenticator), scan the QR code shown on the website where you are activating 2FA, this will transfer the TOTP secret key to your smartphone. Every 30 seconds, the app will generate a new one-time 6-digit code based on your secret key and the current time. To check in to your account, you'll have to be compelled to enter this code besides the common password.

The good news is that it’s enough to own any device suitable for installing the app. Internet access isn't required — everything works offline. The code is generated directly on the device, so it can’t be intercepted as in the case of SMS.